Sharing value with good friends

CCT has provided service for more than 100 million customers. There are more than 300 subsidiaries and branches, nearly 10,000 experience stores under the brand, covering first-tier, second-tier and most third-tier cities nationwide. Tourism products and services cover 193 countries around the world. We can provide rich business cooperation for excellent partners and look forward to becoming your good friend and sharing the value with you.

Rich products

Our products include outbound tour, domestic tour, group/independent tour, visas, high-end customized destination tour, key customers, MICE, cruises, and other comprehensive tourism product reservations and services.

Offline + online service + brand influence

Nearly 10,000 offline brand experience stores, covering first-tier, second-tier and most third-tier cities nationwide, provide customers with tourism product reservations, customization, after-sales and peripheral services.

Business cooperation scope

Online resource cooperation

Online traffic Accurate advertisements Mobile terminal access

Partners who have accurate resources such as online traffic, customers, and advertisements are welcomed to have in-depth resource cooperation with us.

Offline resource cooperation

Outdoors Print media Traffic mobile media Broadcast Stores Exhibition

CCT has huge offline business, promotion, destination guide and store resources to share the quality terminal resources

Finance Insurance

Bank Credit card Outbound Insurance

On the basis of our huge online and offline customers resources, CCT can cooperate with financial partners such as bank and insurance companies, sharing the value of ten millions of customers.

GDS Destination Product GDS

Tickets Small traffic One-Day tour Communication Entertainment

Since CCT delivers a large number of customers to global destinations, we hope that reliable destination partners will join us to provide our customers with quality destination products and services

Business cooperation contact