Listen to every voice

Cherish the brand’s reputation, listen to the voices from every customers and media, including praise complaints, and criticism, carefully design products for customers and provide sincere services. This is CCT’s attitude towards every customer and media voice!

Focus on the service

We are sparing no efforts to ensure the easy and safe tour for our customers, and provide sincere services as well. We hope that friends from media will pay more attention to the services we provided to customers, this is the value we want to pass to more customers.

Focus on customers

CCT now provides consultations, product reservations, and tourism services to thousands of customers every day. There is huge work to do, but we think it deserves to do so. We hope to hear every voice and help them solve the problem. This is the trust from our customers!

We look forward to growing up with our media partners together

Traditional media

Print media TV media Outdoor media

The traditional media has made irreplaceable and outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese brands. CCT cannot develop well without the support and trust of traditional media partners. We have received praise from many media friends, as well as supervision and questioning, which help us to develop healthily up to today.

Internet Media Self Media

Internet media We media

CCT is very willing to spread the value of this industry together with Internet media, especially with partners from we media. At the same time, we would like to pay attention to the problems and changes in the growth of customers and enterprises. This will enable us to hear the opinions and suggestions from the most cutting-edge customers, industry experts and concerned people every day to help us continuously innovate and provide customers with better services.

Media/PR Contact

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