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Add.: 15th Floor, Ruichen International Center, No. 13 South Road, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Post code: 100051

Tel: 400-608-9988

Tips: The former customer service line "40061-40031" has been upgraded to a new customer service line "400-608-9988"
The former customer service line is planning to stop on July 30, 2016. Please refer to the . Announcement

Customer Service Center

Accept customers questions, including tour, consultation and feedback, etc.

Tel.: 400-608-9988


Working hours: 09:00 - 21:00


Tel.: 400-608-9988 to 1001

Supplier Cooperation

Contact: Ms. Ma

Tel.: 400-608-9988 to 1002

Strategic cooperation

Contact: Mr. Li

Tel.: 400-608-9988 to 1003

Business Cooperation

Tel.: 400-608-9988 to 1000

MICE Enterprises Tourism Services

Tel.: 400-608-9988 to 1006